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DeepSpar Disk Imager 3: Available NOW!

We’ve just released DeepSpar Disk Imager 3, and this latest version brings you many improvements. A major advantage is the ability to image specific directories and files on NTFS partitions. You can now specify what type of files and/or filename masks you want to target and the Imager only processes sectors that belong to those files while skipping all other areas.

We call this new functionality Imaging Files By MFT Mask. This file imaging method has several advantages (compared to Imaging By File Browsing implemented by other tools): it is much faster and has a lower risk of drive failure. Imaging by MFT Mask uses a drive linear imaging sequence rather than a sequence defined by the file system allocation information. As a result, the heads do not jump back and forth all the time while imaging each file, but instead go from LBA 0 to Maximum LBA and image only fragments of selected data.

This version of DeepSpar Disk Imager is more visual, interactive and configurable than any DeepSpar product to date and provides dramatically more control than the typical disk imaging tools out there. We are confident it will help you get more data for your clients, faster. Please refer to our post on the DeepSpar forum for more information about this release.
Download the DeepSpar Disk Imager 3 brochure.
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New: DeepSpar Image Explorer

We also released a new Windows-based application, DeepSpar Image Explorer, which is a counterpart to DeepSpar Disk Imager. This application works with NTFS partitions of the image drive and it can perform these tasks: browsing partitions, saving imaged files, viewing a chain of all fragments of specific files/directories in a map, editing sector hex values, and more.
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