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Hard Drive Recovery

We offer a 96% chance of getting your data back. Our forensic experts work on drives for government, large corporations, and evidence in legal cases. Your drive is in safe hands.

We have specialized equipment that can recover data from a number of systems and devices:

  • SSD drives, Macbooks and Macbook Air internal drives
  • Hard Drives of all sizes, problems, and errors
  • RAID arrays of all types. We specialize in every one!
  • Mac laptops, and all Mac computers and versions
  • Microsoft Surface Pro Recovery
  • SANS, NAS, Raid 0, 1, 5, 6, 50, 15, 60, 5R, HP and Compaq RAID.
  • All Servers.
  • USB Memory Sticks & Solid State Hard Drives
  • Removable Media: JAZ, ZIP, CD ROM, DVD
  • Digital Cameras: Storage Media Cards, Micro Hard Drives Flash Memory, Pen Drives, etc
  • Hard Drives: Desktops, Servers, Laptops, RAID arrays
  • Operating Systems: DOS, Mac OS, UNIX, Netware, OS/2
  • Windows Operating Systems: NT, Server, XP, NTFS, FAT
  • Databases: EDB, MDB and more

We can help you with:

  • Macs, Windows, Linux.
  • Exchange/Mail Recovery
  • Data Conversions and duplications
  • Forensic bit-stream copies
  • Hard drive recovery from internal electronic failure
  • Exchange Server Recovery Server Corruption and Failure Virus
  • Corruption and Deletions Damage from Lightning, Flood, and Fire
  • 2.5, 1.8, and 1.5 Laptop data recovery
  • Power Supply Burn Out or Failure.
  • Full service forensic recovery lab
  • Formatted Hard Drive Recovery Software
  • Undelete Lost Data Software For OST to PST
  • Conversion or OST file recovery

Steps to recovery

  1. Ship your drive with your completed and Data Recovery Agreement (PDF) to us:
    My Hard Drive Died
    601b Industrial Court
    Woodstock, GA 30189
    Phone: 678-445-9007
  2. We evaluate your drive, then contact you via email
  3. We will tell you what we can recover and send you a list of possible files recoverable.
  4. You agree to complete the recovery (with full payment)
  5. We send your restored files to you on the media of your choice (costs incurred). Return shipping is charged to the customer.

How much does it cost?

We do an evaluation of hard drives for $50 each, after which we can tell you what is wrong with the drive, the probability of recovery, and if possible we will provide you a list of recoverable files. After the evaluation, the cost of recovery is additionally listed below depending on device. If there is something special for recovery, we offer the evaluation period and cost, so it will not cost you more than $50 for us to discover the problem. You can advise us of particular files that are crucial for recovery. During the evaluation, we will look for those specific files. If they are not recoverable, you will only spend the $50 evaluation fee and return shipping. If there is a need for parts, you will be told the cost of those parts ahead of time. We also always charge for return shipping, or you can provide a return shipping label.

Standard Desktop/Laptop IDE/SATA Drives

We charge a total of $850 ($50 evaluation + $800 Recovery) for a standard IDE/SATA Laptop or Desktop hard drive recovery. The only additional charge is if parts are necessary. On some drives, we need what is called a donor drive. The donor drive is a MATCHING hard drive that we have to locate and purchase specifically to break it down for parts. It is very necessary to match the drive exactly. Because of this, sometimes the drive costs more than the same size drive on the shelf at the store. We will let you know if it is necessary to obtain parts after the evaluation.

USB SD/CF MEMORY STICKS or Other Devices and Forensics USB

The average price for rebuilding a USB memory stick is around $400 + $50 evaluation depending on the type of damage. If we are doing a forensic recovery of USB thumbdrives, CF cards, SD Cards we charge $50 evaluation + $600 for the recovery and image file. Other items need to be reviewed during evaluation to know what the type of damage is and what the cost will be. You will be contacted after the evaluation and details will be discussed.

RAID 0 or RAID 5, 5R, 6 or a variation of those Raid 15, 50, 60 & HP

If you have a RAID configuration, we charge that price per a drive in the RAID array. It is based on the number of drives and the size due to the fact that rebuilding RAID is so much more difficult and requires much larger quantities of space and time to perform the recovery. In most cases, all drives, including the good ones, have to be imaged; the bad drive rebuilt; the array reassembled in software and then extracted as a final image, after which the data is extracted. Other items need to be reviewed during evaluation to know what the type of damage is and what the cost will be. You will be contacted after the evaluation and details will be discussed.

Forensic Recovery - For Legal Court Cases

If you have a drive that is part of a case and write blockers are required to keep it clean, the drive is stored in our safe while not in recovery to maintain chain of custody. Please indicate that in a note with the drive. This will be kept separate from other hard drives and treated differently. Doing recoveries with write blockers is quite a bit harder and extra care is required. These recoveries are $1200+$50 evaluation per a drive (additional parts as described above) and will take about 5 - 7 days to tests. Please do not forget to put a note with the drive itself that says Forensic Recovery so we can contact you with details!

Get started

Download and print our Data Recovery Agreement Form (PDF).
Then send those with your drive to:

My Hard Drive Died
601b Industrial Court
Woodstock, GA 30189
Phone: 678-445-9007

Feel free to contact us first if you have any questions.