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Defragging the content inside the MFT!

Today I saw something I thought looked very interesting. Since I do data recovery and forensics and often look at and mess with the MFT. In the past there have been several ways to defrag the location that the MFT was at, but I do not recall ever seeing the ability to defrag the contents of the MFT itself. I received an email about the new product that does just that. I am currently testing this process and can tell you it looks very interesting to see and play with the possibility of defragging these files. I will post my results after I completely test. Take a look at this info yourself and let me know what you think.

A Defragmentation World-First…boottime31.jpg

Set your options in this extremely powerful interface where you can adjust and manipulate EVERYTHING relating to your system and metafiles….. then reboot and watch UltimateDefrag do its thing as it defrags and optimizes placement of your system files. No other software product in the world can do this!

The UltimateDefrag 2008 boot time/system file defrag module is a world first in what it enables you to be able to do when it comes to defragging and moving system files to areas on your drive that further enhance performance.

For the average computer user, you may or may not have come across terms such as MFT, USN Change Journal, Page File, Logfile, and so on – these are known as system files and meta files. They’re files that are on the drive but used by the NTFS file system in the background recording changes to your files and keeping your data consistent and safe.

The placement of these files on your hard drive also matters to performance just as much as the placement of your regular files – both in terms of absolute position on your drive as well as relative placement to your regularly used files. Windows Vista and XP are almost constantly reading and writing to those files as your system works and as a result the positioning of those files is critical to the performance of your hard drive and consequently your entire PC’s performance.

UltimateDefrag 2008 is the only defrag software available on the market today that enables you to place these system and metafiles exactly where you want to on your drive in order to optimize performance. It also allows you to manipulate a number of variables relating to those system files. For example, you can reduce or increase the amount of space allocated to the MFT reserved space. In Windows XP it’s at least 12.5% of your entire hard drive size which is overkill. UltimateDefrag boot time utility lets you specify the size to a much more reasonable value e.g. 512 Mb. You can even set the order of your system and metafiles files.

Some of the functionality includes:

  • Ability to defrag all metafiles and system files e.g. MFT, pagefile, USN ChangeJournal

  • Ability to place all metafiles and system files at any user-defined location on drive volume

  • Ability to sort order of metafiles and system files according to user preferences

  • Ability to specify MFT reserved space - particularly useful for XP where default reserved space is 12.5% of hard drive size.

  • Since the Vista & XP operating system are almost constantly interacting with the hard drive in the background - optimal placement of these files improves overall performance - especially so is the placement of MFT and page file in relation to most frequently used data..

We assure you that you now have all the power and flexibility that power users want to strategically place those system files for optimal hard drive performance – critical for performance of high end applications, games and simulations and any other hard drive intensive programs. Of course for non-power users there is a default optimal one-click setting.

We’re squeezing every byte per second of performance from your hard drive due to the fact that it is the slowest performing peripheral on your PC, and “any” minor increase in performance results in “significant” overall performance gains for your PC.

PC users around the world swear by the performance gains that UltimateDefrag 2008 gives them. We think this new boot time defrag module – now available for 32 bit Windows XP & Vista and coming soon for 64 bit, gives them a little more to “oooh and aaah” about.

At only $39.95, UltimateDefrag 2008 is the most powerful and flexible defrag utility to improve your hard drive and PC performance. Guaranteed or your money back.

Again the difference between UltimateDefrag and all other defraggers is that the other defraggers only defrag - UltimateDefrag optimizes file placement for unprecedented hard drive access performance - the result - a faster PC.

With this added feature we’ve taken file placement optimization to a whole new level.

Our boot time module is available now FREE to all owners UltimateDefrag 2008. To get it, just login to your account here and download the latest version.

And…. stay tuned for more exciting new “world first” features coming very soon to UltimateDefrag.

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