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HAMR - Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording

Its back! Seagate is working on this again. Seagate has posted the job that they are looking for engineers to work on this.

Laser Hard Drives – You know you love it….

I had previously talked about a patent Seagate had submitted in 2002-2006 for a new technology called HAMR. Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording. This is a hard drive where the material has changed for the platters and now would require a Laser to point in-front of the sector you are changing to heat it up so the head can change the state of it. The belief is that this will eliminate the problem at the current density that is known as the Superparamagnetic effect.

This could allow the size to grow by as much as 100x, however due to engineering overcompensation decisions in the past it seems that they are cautiously optimistic that it will only increase by a factor of 4x J

New article and a photo…



Seagate Job Posting

Seagate Patent

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