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Moterboards for Deepspar cards

Attached is the photo from my case of Deepspar motherboard. I love some of the old motherboards that have GForce Bridge Chipsets so the MSI is my favorite to use because it has every connector. However, if you need more PCI Express Slots then the ASRocks will work, and do a good job, however, the trick with those is that the DeepSpar boots off the flash drive it comes with. You need to use the Flash Drive in the Legacy USB 2 slot and not the USB 3. The USB3 is identified by being blue inside the slot. It will work, but you will have to push the Bootscreen button. If you don’t get these, make sure you get an AMD motherboard for the DeepSpar and not an Intel. Intel blocks some bios commands and so it does not work well for this purpose, where I normally prefer it for a machine.

Please Note: Thes are two different ASRock Motherboards.

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