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A One Touch can Save Your Life and Business!

Most small businesses start out using a single computer or a laptop as their main computer. Many business owners in their first 2 years do not backup at all. They start backing up after their first major catastrophe.

How do you know when your hard drive is going to crash? Most technicians say it is unpredictable. It could be a month, or it could happen tomorrow. I know EXACTLY when a hard drive will crash: The night before the most important meeting of your life. Just in time for you to have a sleepless night worrying so you won’t be at your best the next day.

If you depend on your data, you should be backing up often.

Just one day’s lost data can result in missed business opportunities, lost valuable contracts, pictures, and email. In addition to the lost data, to rub salt in the wound, you will have to pay for data recovery and a hard drive or media to get you back up and running.

Most people do not backup because it is time consuming, hard to remember, or they are not sure how or what to backup. To save yourself the hassle you should consider a One Touch device.

Once setup, you can come back to the office, connect the device and push the blue button. You won’t have to tell it a thing or click any buttons. It is very painless and quick!

Data RecoveryPrice
Data Recovery$400-$2000
New Hard Drive$100
Time you wait1 Week
Cost to Your BusinessUp to $3000
Backing UpPrice
One Touch$200
15 Mins of time$50
Having a BackupPRICELESS!

It is a guarantee that this device will cost less than what you will spend on data recovery if you don’t backup.

The most important step in using this device is the setup the first time you use it. You can configure the software to backup folders, files, or the whole hard drive all with just one single button. The preferred method would be the whole hard drive.

The software is easy to use and there will be no excuses not to have a good current backup. These devices can be used on more than one computer, so if there are several people with laptops or even different computers, you can use one device on all of them.

If you are hiring a company that you will be trusting with your data, you should ask them how they backup and how often. If they don’t know, you should ask them to call NICS and we will make sure they are safe.

It doesn’t matter if it is a Mac or a PC, we do it all. As a computer service specialist and a Certified Computer Forensic Specialist my best advice is Backup, Backup, and Backup again.

How valuable is your data?

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