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Special Thanks to Simon Feay from Aceon Data Recovery

Whenever I do a data recovery course, there are many times that other people help out with the class. Many will help the students with rebuilding hard drives, assisting with issues, like drives not working, laptops or equipment problems.

I would like to give a special thanks to Simon Feay from Aceon Data Recovery in Vancouver, Canada. I did a course and he was there to help! He assisted in teaching our data recovery course in Vancouver, Canada. He really knows what he is doing, and did a great job teaching the class. His skills at repairing a hard drive and recovering the data are top notch and helped a class with 21 Students. That is quite an undertaking. So I would like to point out that if you require excellent data recovery services in Western Canada then please visit his site at

Thanks again Simon for all your help!

Scott Moulton / President @ My Hard Drive

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