Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm EST

Seated Data Recovery Forensic Course

Learn how to handle a damaged hard drive and what your options are. Be introduced to the proper hardware, equipment, and software.

NOTE: You must sign up and pay at least 30 DAYS before any class to reserve your seat! If you want a seat make sure you do it earlier rather than later.

This is a mentored 5-day Data Recovery Expert Certification Class where Scott Moulton will be there to walk you though everything personally, step by step, and to answer your questions.

NEW! ATOLA FORENSIC IMAGER, as well as a DeepSpar Disk Imager!

We also cover the differences between 32bit and 64bit.

Data recovery is a skill that's very difficult to learn and involves repairing damaged hard drives and recovering corrupted data.

The goal of this class is to teach you how to handle a damaged hard drive and what your options are. We will introduce you to the proper hardware, equipment and software that will give you the best possibility and skills at completing this task.

This class is for the Data Recovery Expert Certification.

An overview of the five days

  • Solid State Drives and Spinning Disks are covered!
  • Three days of lecture and labs where we disassemble two hard drives and attempt to reassemble them into working machines.
  • The third and fourth day will be logical recoveries where we will use the lab computers to image memory sticks for class, there will be other images of drives provided for Raid 0 and Raid 5 recoveries. There will be images provided for NTFS, Mac OSX HFS and EXT3 Linux drives for recovery as well as the previously mentioned sets of images for Raid 5 and Raid 0.
  • We usually do a number of things after class and discuss many things at dinner with relation to jobs and details


By signing up 30 days ahead you will receive a $300 discount off the $3500 class, making it $3200. After that date, the price will be $3500.

Certain Government, Law Enforcement and Education Training, and Professional Group Discounts may apply! This fee covers everything you will need to use in the class (although after leaving the class you will need to acquire your own set of tools and hardware).

Some of the basics covered in the class

  1. Going over the basics and working parts
  2. Data Recovery With Forensic Drives
  5. Equipment Basics
  6. Tools and Software
  7. Sounds of the Drives
  8. Samples of drives with sounds I will bring
  9. What you can tell by listening to the drive
  10. Basics on success rates
  11. Opening the Drive
  12. Mechanical Operations on Drives
  13. Rebuilding Hard Drives Physically
  14. What a Sector Looks Like Encoded on the Drive
  15. PCB Board Issues and Live Board Swaps
  16. Forensic Logical Recoveries
  17. Rebuilding forensic drives maintaining the state
  18. Plus much, much more…..

Over 20 Hands-On Labs, including:

  • HANDS-ON LAB: Repairing a Damaged Drive
  • HANDS-ON LAB: Four Hard Drives YOU Rebuild!
  • HANDS-ON LAB: Hard Drives Mechanical Operations
  • HANDS-ON LAB: Operations Rebuilding a Hard Drive Physically
  • HANDS-ON LAB: Mounting a Damaged Drive on PC
  • HANDS-ON LAB: What an Encoded Sector Look Like with data
  • HANDS-ON LAB: PCB Board Matching Issues and Review
  • HANDS-ON LAB: RAID 0 Rebuilds
  • HANDS-ON LAB: RAID 5 Rebuilds
  • HANDS-ON LAB: MAC OSX Rebuilds
  • HANDS-ON LAB: Selecting donor Rebuilds

Tools provided

Everything you need will be supplied. You do not need to bring any equipment or laptop. There will be a Data Recovery Kit that you will get to use for the class and will include hardware for recovery, Torx screwdrivers for hard drive sizes, the power supply connectors and sample hard drives, cd’s, and lecture and lab materials.

Upcoming Seated Classes

Scott's data recovery class was a great investment. We got to learn from somebody who is not just a trainer, but somebody who does data recovery on a daily basis and knows the tricks, and which tools work best in which scenario. There were also lots of hands-on labs where we got to take drives apart and practice removing heads and platters, in addition to labs covering numerous logical and physical data recovery scenarios. Gary Huestis
Houston Computing Services
Scott is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and has no problem at all sharing information...even some of those industry secrets that no one else wants to divulge. As a person who has spent a lot of money (like most of you I am sure) on past training, I will go as far as saying it was the best training for the dollar that I have ever had. If anyone of you are looking into data recovery training, you can't go wrong with Scott Moulton. Vadon Willis
Ispirian Computer Forensics
Thank you very much for the excellent course. Though initially I took the course because of the certification, I realize that the knowledge you gave me was very valuable. The curriculum was very well thought out and the delivery of it was awesome! I would absolutely recommend your course to anybody who wants to get into data recovery and also to anybody who has been doing it for less than a year. Your skill in supervising labs of 17 people -- while they were simultaneously changing head assemblies -- was amazing. Also, the certification in Data Recovery you’ve arranged for us could be helpful one day. Sam Roitman
President, Rescue Your Data Corporation
Scott’s data recovery class was well suited for me. My previous skills in software data recovery were intermediate level and hardware recovery were nil. The course expanded my knowledge 100 fold. I hope to be successful in hardware recovery soon. Scott freely imparts of his knowledge and skills and I found his course to be extremely helpful to my education. Steven Wright
Systems Administrator, Symantec
Most of my forensic training has focused on the evidence resident in logical disk structures. Scott's instruction on the inner workings of traditional hard drives, solid state drives, and RAID arrays at such a granular level has made me a better forensic examiner. Not only do I now have the hands-on training to potentially save "dead" hard drives seized from a crime scene, but I can also now confidently explain to a jury how the state of the physical disk impacts the evidence that I have recovered. Beth Whitney, CFCE
Forensic Computer Examiner, City-County Bureau of Identification
As a person who has spent a lot of money (like most of you I am sure) on past training, I will go as far as saying it was the best training for the dollar that I have ever had. If anyone of you are looking into data recovery training, you can't go wrong with Scott Moulton. Bob Willis
Computer Forensics
You put on a fantastic class! William F Paulin
Infrastructure Generalist, Boeing
I wanted to send you an email quick to say thanks for such a great week of class! At this point I have spent plenty of time in trainings and found this to be hands down one of the best trainings I have been too! It isn’t an easy task to keep people’s attention for 8+ hrs a day, but you certainly managed to do it. The hands-on portion as well as the RAID reconstruction was alone worth the price of admission! Although the title doesn't have "Forensics" in it, there are many topics that are very closely tied to the forensic industry. Brandon Fannon
Mainstay Data Services
This course is invaluable for any forensic examiner wanting to expand her knowledge beyond how to use software to recover evidence, and I highly recommend it. I was really impressed with not only the amount and quality of information presented but also the almost dizzying level of detail that Scott could present. I recommend the course highly. Beth Whitney, SCERS
Forensic Computer Examiner, City-County Bureau of Identification
Taking Scott's data recovery class was one of the best things I have done for my career. Aside from meeting and learning from one of the industry’s best, Scott’s class afforded me the opportunity to network with others that are in my field and get quickly certified in Data Recovery. Before the class, I had some knowledge in this field. After participating in the hands-on labs and listening to Scott teach the concepts using real life examples, I was able to vastly expand my data recovery capabilities. The course was very interactive, and Scott made the class fun with his energetic, personable style. This was the best technical class I have taken in my 20 year IT career. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to get into the Data Recovery or Forensics field. Jerry Sawyer, Jr.
Certified Computer Forensics and Data Recovery Specialist, JEStech LLC