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Things are getting back to normal

Finally things are getting back to normal.

Software Tools and Utilities
There are several software tools that I want to mention that you might find useful!
010 Editor and Beyond Compare.
Data Recovery: Can you live doing recovery on SSD alone?

Do you actually think you will be able to survive doing data recovery with only SSD?

Its a hard question to ask you guys and some people don't like answering this.

New Four Set Volume Books Published Limited Run

This was a limited run and it has already been retired. At this point it is only sold directly with the Distance Learning Class or the Seated Class.

Please follow my Facebook and Twitter for updates

Most of the current updates I do on Facebook and Twitter.

My Hard Drive Died #27 Podcast

My Hard Drive Died's new podcast on Forensics and Data Recovery and Hard Drives.

This podcast includes content about:

Moterboards for Deepspar cards

Attached is the photo from my case of Deepspar motherboard. I love some of the old motherboards that have GForce Bridge Chipsets so the MSI is my favorite to use because it has every connector.

Selvedge Motorcycle Jeans

Selvedge Motorcycle Jeans: A better look.

by Scott A. Moulton

MHDD Podcast #22

My Hard Drive Died #22 – To Raid or Not to Raid?

Drive Videos

If you watch these three videos you will learn a lot about drives.

This one is the best.

Hard Drive Recovery Triage

Hard Drive Recovery Triage

TO be taught at SkyDogCON in Oct 2013.
MHDD Podcast #19

Download or Play the MP3 click => mhdd019.mp3

Special Thanks to Simon Feay from Aceon Data Recovery

Whenever I do a data recovery course, there are many times that other people help out with the class.

MHDD Podcast #16 is Published

My newest edition of the MHDD Podcast with Podnutz is PUBLISHED:



My BYOB Podcast on new technology on SSD Drives

MHDD - My Newest Podcast on new technology and happenings with Solid State Drives for 2012 on the BYOB Podcast

Flash Poised to Fail

I have given many speeches on how Flash Drives and the Future is going to be a failure.

Current 2012 Schedule for Classes and Conferences

My current 2012 schedule for classes and for conferences. These are a little bit tenetive so be sure to contact me ahead of time to be sure of the dates or watch this post for changes.

Cell Phone Providers Retention Periods

Doing forensics, a common question when Lawyers/Clients are requesting subpoena for court cases, divorce, etc.

I am speaking at SkyDogCon in Nashville on Nov 5th on Forensics

On Nov 5th, I'm speaking at SkyDogCon in Nashville on the topic of Criminal Forensics "Tracking your Shared SHA Hashes on the Internet" 

I am presenting at Hacker Halted 2011 in Miami Florida

I am presenting at Hacker Halted 2011 in Miami Florida on Oct 21st-27th - If you want to attend here is the info:

My upcoming speech at SECTOR in Canada, details if you want to attend

Oct 17th-19th I will be speaking at SECTOR Conference in Canada - Here are the details if you want to attend!

HTCIA Interview and Podcast with Ira from CyberJungle

My Interview with Ira from CyberJungle and a Podcast listed in the notes.

The Design of OS/2 - An Awesome Book from the Past!


What an AWESOME BOOK! I just went back and pulled an old book off my bookshelf and reread it. It was “The Design of OS/2” by HM Deitel and MS Kogan. 

Researcher to Discuss Forensic Complications Posed by Apple’s Migration to SSDs at TakeDownCon Dallas

Researcher to Discuss Forensic Complications Posed by Apple’s Migration to SSDs at TakeDownCon Dallas

Mac Users: Typical Mac User Podcast

Mac Users: I was interviewed by Typical Mac User Podcast and they wanted to talk about Forensics and how Drives work.

An Interview about the Hard Drive from the Brazilian Shooter's Hard Drive

In Brazil with the class room shooting, I was interviewed by a portuguese reporter about recovering drive burned by the shooter trying to destroy his research on the hard drive.

My Hard Drive Died Podcast #15 - More Info On SSD

My Hard Drive Died Podcast #15 - More Info on Solid State Drives, Reader Emails and Problems with Current Drives - Fielding Questions

SSD Hard Drives Interview with CyberSpeak Forensics with Ovie Carroll

My Podcast/Interview with Ovie Carroll from CyberSpeak on Forensics and SSD drives: 

SSD: Solid State Drives and How they work! Book/PDF!


I have published TWO NEW Book/PDFs. The first is all my research and graphics with text content and notes on SSD (Solid State Drives).

Advanced Data Recovery Research and Whitepaper Book

NEW! I have published a Book/PDF version of my famous Advanced Data Recovery Research and Whitepapers and the Hard Drive Data Recovery Diagnostics FLOWCHART in a new format.

ISDPodcast - Episode 332 – Drive Forensics & Secure Wipe with Scott Moulton

My newest Podcast = Episode 332 - ISDPodcast – Drive Forensics & Secure Wipe with Scott Moulton -

Can Defragging give you an 800% Improvement?

A friend of mine, Sean Hunt, sent me an email about testing he did on defragmention using Disktrix Ultimate Defrag.  I asked his permission to post it for your reading enjoyment.

Video Podcast on Spindle and Platter Bearing Replacement for My Hard Drive Died #14

This is the Video Podcast for My Hard Drive Died episode #14 with Podnutz on Spindle and Bearing Replacement.

New Shmoocon 2011 Videos and Slides - Spindle and Bearing Replacement

New Shmoocon 2011 Videos and Slides - Spindle and Bearing Replacement

My Visits to the Infosec Daily Podcasts - iTunes Subscriptions

iTunes Subscriptions to the Infosec Daily Podcast that I visit about once a month:

Hard Drive Diagnostic Flowchart

Data Recovery Flowchart: A sample of my thought process on diagnostics for hard drives.

Defragging the content inside the MFT!

Today I saw something I thought looked very interesting. Since I do data recovery and forensics and often look at and mess with the MFT.

Platter Extraction Tools

There looks to be another way of possibly platter removal for motor damage.

DeepSpar Disk Imager 3: Available NOW!

We’ve just released DeepSpar Disk Imager 3, and this latest version brings you many improvements. A major advantage is the ability to image specific directories and files on NTFS partitions.

HAMR - Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording

Its back!  Seagate is working on this again. Seagate has posted the job that they are looking for engineers to work on this.

Laser Hard Drives – You know you love it….

My class … A post!

@scottamoulton I referenced you in the most recent blog post. - go to about middle to see a post about my class!

Why Spinrite is not on my Data Recovery Software List.

Spinrite is not data recovery software.

Vista Problems doing Data Recovery


Round One Testing Vista for Data Recoveries:

Simplified: How Raid Arrays Work!

A server enables businesses to share hard drives and resources, and makes central backup a breeze.

A One Touch can Save Your Life and Business!

Most small businesses start out using a single computer or a laptop as their main computer. Many business owners in their first 2 years do not backup at all.

Do You Know Where Your Data Is?

Imagine all your data gone as of right this second! That’s what a hard drive crash feels like. Could your business survive it?